The rise in silver mines and sugar plantations in Mexico, up the demand for slave labor to complete the labor intensive work. Thus began the ingress of slaves from Africa to Mexico. As slaves were imported continuously, the slave populations became so concentrated, especially in Mexico City, that the slaves inevitably outnumbered the Spanish conquistadors. September 24, 1537 was to be the first slave revolt in Mexico when the slaves used their knowledge of the political turmoil besieging the Spanish King, to plot an attack in conjunction with the Native Indians in Mexico City and Tlaltelolco, to kill their Spanish oppressors. Additionally, the implementation of the plan relied heavily on the slaves’ ability to elect a king to lead the rebellion. They were all but organized in this area, but once a king was chosen, they were ready to carry out their plot. However, before the rebellion could even get on the way on the scheduled date, their plot was revealed to the viceroy by a slave. The viceroy acted quickly and ordered the arrest of the rebels and enlisted the Native Indians to track down the rebels that managed to escape. The sophistication of this plot concerned the Spanish powers that be, which eventually led to the viceroy halting the transit of new slaves to Mexico in order to prevent further rebellions (which of course didn’t happen, as slaves continuously revolted).

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