What is Hate?

Hate is a composite emotion.

Hate is: Judgement Directing Anger

A deeper part of the problem is that anger itself is a composite emotion which is often a mix consisting of frustration and survival.

With this information it now becomes possible to work against hate from several different angles.  The high level process is:  when feeling hate: it’s time to begin a process of release. Since hate is a composite emotion you can focus on the sub elements first rather than the entirety of hate. For most people to work at the final combined feelings of hate is too complicated and it quickly becomes a process of spinning around the issues rather than dealing directly with the roots of the problem. By focusing on the sub elements of hate you can quickly unravel the hate all together.

Release the judgements driving the feelings of hate. To move on with our own life without attachment to where our feelings of hate arise, or to anything projecting hate back towards our own life. Some times this means being compassionate is to walk away without saying anything. At times no answer is required other than your leaving.

Take the time to focus releasing the Anger itself.

As you work against releasing the feelings of hate, keep your awareness open so you can learn more about the nature of the feelings. If the feeling keeps coming back then with awareness shift how you relate to the source of the hate… if the issue still keeps coming back, then fully release the source of the problem. With this awareness you can spot the sub elements feeding into the feelings of hate and more precisely work on your healing process.

At times the lesson we are learning is how to release fully, but to release fully is often a series of releases you achieve in letting go of all the sub parts of hate. That itself is a hard lesson, especially when the person who we might feel hate towards, actively clings back or is attacking us.

Godfrey Gregg


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