Image resultWhere were you 38 years ago when the Nation was born? What were you doing on that day? I remembered it like yesterday when the country had mixed feelings with the eruption of the volcano earlier that year. Premier Cato had a difference of opinion. It was the only time he had to be the father of Independence. He was not going to take any chances because “Son” Mitchell had his eyes on that historic move. Cato knew procrastination was a failure for his legacy and he was right. The elections of 1984 proved he moved at the right time because he lost power to “Son” Mitchell.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines became an Associated Stae with Great Britain in 1969 and that was the beginning of our Freedom. The struggle was real and it was a strong determination that we attained full Independence and the last of the Windward Islands to do so. Dr. Sydney Gun-Munro Grenadian born and native/Resident of SVG was the Governor and on the stroke of midnight (October 27, 1979) he became the Governor General and Cato switched from Premier to Prime Minister.

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Premier Cato hands the new flag to Warrant Officer Grantley Williams.

Image result for SVG Independence 1979   Image result for SVG Independence 1979

“Son” Mitchell changed that flag to the current. He claims it was one-sided

The question we ask ourselves today is, “Are we better today than in 1979”? Yes, we came a long way and there are much more to be done. My opinion is we are stagnated because of political interference in every facet of our country. Too, many partisan politics that is hindering our progress. St. Vincent and the Grenadines need to recruit young, fresh blood to connect with the masses. Even if it means bringing about some radical changes that will add to the better welfare of every citizen. Too many old men are set in their ways and there need to be a drastic change in every corner and political Party.

What is needed for attraction are better infrastructure and a grand facelift of the city and waterfront? It is a shame to see the Police Headquarters falling apart and so the moral of the Force is crumbling with the derelict building.


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