Louisville-Area Assistant Police Chief Told Recruit to Shoot Black People
Todd Shaw, a former assistant police chief of Louisville-area city sent disturbing text messages to a recruit, instructing him to shoot black people and commit other acts of violence. He resigned from the Prospect Police Department last year, and according to documents, the recruit asked what “the right thing to do” would be if he catches three juveniles smoking marijuana. Shaw’s reply: “Fuck the right thing. If black shoot them.” And when interacting with the children’s parents, Shaw said, “if mom is hot then fuck her… if dad is hot then handcuff him and make him suck my dick.” He added: “Unless daddy is black… Then shoot him.” The ex-cop fought to prevent the release of those messages, but a court ruled that media should be allowed to view them. Shaw was previously under investigation for illegally assisting a fellow officer suspected of sexually abusing teens.

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