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Let the celebrations begin and the eventual climax of the Easter weekend in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I will mainly focus on Bequia where all the actions are concentrated.

Bequia has an annual census around six thousand, two hundred, but I was told last night that number may have doubled with another thousand aboard the yachts anchored in the harbour. I was also told that there are excursions from the mainland St. Vincent that will take hundreds of visitors there for the action witness the culmination of this year’s activities.

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With the added revenue the merchants, shopkeepers and tourism facilities will be smiling to the banks tomorrow (Tuesday 4/30). As I am seeing it now it may be the best season in many years.

As I am aware the police were visible but there’s nothing to report and I hope they keep it that way today.

Have fun folks and enjoy the unspoilt shores of beautiful Bequia. Spend what you have and do not forget to use the ATMs at the financial facilities and other locations. Oh, there are lots of card readers on the island, so have a fruit punch and swipe the card. Bequia also accepts credit cards and good service deserves a tip.

Good luck folks and I will be monitoring.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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