Image result for st. vincent and the grenadines flagWhere there is no vision the people perish and yes, for lack of knowledge. It, therefore, behooves us as a nation to educate ourselves about our surroundings and do not allow anyone to infiltrate our minds with their agenda. Be it religion, politics or any other teaching.

We have long passed the days when we were kept in the dark and in ignorance for the early politicians who led us to the brink. I am urging you not to jump but stand up and fight for what is morally right. St. Vincent and the Grenadines was founded on the principles that there is ONE God who is just and Holy in the sight of all men. This principle is enshrined in our Constitution and must remain as the main ingredient.

The recent happenings and injustice in our Blessed Homeland are very oppressive and there is the creation of fear among the people. As we are aware that a drowning man will hold on to anything to save his life. I am saying to you this morning that God is not watching in vain and He wants the people to unite like the children of Israel to break loose and behind a leader. The church was the people advisor but I am wondering why they are silent? Moses was in waiting for a long time and the time is ripe for the deliverance. However, the people must be organized and with one aim and purpose for their deliverance. On the other hand, Pharoah is watching and looking for the wrong move to use his force.

As I was praying last night I saw some elements that can block the flow of resources coming your way in the form of your deliverance. I will not mention here but God is trying to gather you in one place and there are some rebellious people within the camp with other motives and they are hindering the action plan. God is looking for faithful armor bearers to stand up with the leader. There are too many people delivering the wrong message to the nation. You need to centralize your message and speak as one single voice.

Your deliverance is imminent and I urge you to be careful and avoid a Declaration of a  State of Emergency which will delay the action plan. Focus on your message and deliver it without double-tongue. You will meet the waters that you will have to cross over so, prepare for the uphill fight. The fight will be among the camp after your deliverance just like in the day of Moses.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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