Good morning and watch a start to this day with the temperature at 56 degrees. However, stepping out the house it was a bit nippy and had to use the heat in the vehicle.

This is sickness weather and with the flu season in its peak, US residents have to take warning and exercise care with their health. Sometimes the stories are not good and America gets a “dose of its own medicine”. Yes, third world care as they usually say about the “Shithole countries”.

The good thing about third world countries you don’t have to take any anticipated flu vaccine. Most seasonal sickness is treated in the Caribbean with home-grown medicine. (Bush, bark, natural whale and shark oils)

It is amazing that hardly anyone dies from flu-related symptoms in the region. We Vincentians love our “Bush” bad and we even have “bush baths” with essential oils, and that is called a “spiritual bath”.

So I am asking all the family to take care of yourself and have a keen eye for the neighbour and your loved ones. Spread some kindness and watch it multiply along the way.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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