This is International Women’s Day and I want to thank all women who have played a part in my life. My mother Deldie was an exemplary woman and would be forever my Queen. I will add to the list women from the Gregg, and Bynoe family who have played a great part in my life and keeping the family afloat.

Madeline King, Yvette Bynoe, Raquel DaSantos, Sharol-Rose Gregg-Abbott, Hannah Stowe-Gregg, Zetilla Compton, Cornetta Gregg, Nola Ollivierre, Roslyn Gregg, Valencia Ollivierre, Wendy Cumberbatch, and the two matriarchs Nina and Jeanetta and Wendy Bynoe (SVGTU President). All names mention have helped to maintain stability within the family and we hope that in time to come many more names will be added.

I will love to suggest that workplaces do more to highlight the importance of the role of women in the labour force. I am suggesting that billboards be erected showcasing women that have played a very important role in the society. St. Vincent and the Grenadines should take the lead in highlighting women in all areas of employment.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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