A very sunny day after the snow storm Wednesday. The snow is melting very fast and by the weekend it will be gone. I believe that the snow has gone with the winter season which fought us to the very end. However, the news this morning is talking about late snow on Sunday. That is left to be seen and if that is the case it is a sure sign of Climate change.

Let me thank God for the last two weeks my sister spent with me to ensure my recovery after surgery. Thursday she returned to her home in Toronto, Canada.

I am doing better and there is a slight area of swelling and little pain. My spirits are very high and I am preparing my body to return to work as soon as my doctor gives the green light.

All the Greggs, Bynoes, other relatives and friends stay firm and focus. For us, in the US and Canada, the winter is over and we are looking towards the beginning of the Hurricane season. Besides the natural disasters, there is the political landscape in America that all eyes are watching. Therefore everyone has to be very vigilant and be circumspect in all their dealings.

Have a great day and God bless.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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