Just want to encourage everyone to be strong and prepared for the Hurricane season and that you have all your plans ready to execute in the event of a storm.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines upwards is in the direct path of the Hurricanes and it is God who really save our nation from many serious threats. I hope this year the impact will be very minimal and that will give time for us to put all our safety measures in place for the future.

Do not depend on the Government to do everything for you or you can be waiting even after death. So whatever you can do for yourself do it to protect you and your family.

Clear all branches that can fall and damage your property

Clear the drains around your property

Clean your “spouting”  around your roof

Stock up on non-perishable food

Have a backup source of power should you lose power

Batteries and flashlights or generator

Emergency medical supplies. Especially those with chronic sickness

Always fill up your vehicles with gas and have a supply in a secure place

Do not

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