Sir Godfrey Gregg 

I have installed another plugin to monitor visitors and other real-time activities on the site and there are encouraging signs for the investment. What we need to do as a family is to share information for others to read. We are a family that needs to know our true origin. We need to know how we got to this place we call home.

I am still working on the family tree to make it part of the website http://www.gregg784.com will be linked to http://www.ancestry.com. Surprisingly, we came a long way and has gone back to 1802 tracing the family.

You will understand that this is an intensive effort to link the Gregg family with the Bynoes. My father a Bynoe and Mother a Gregg mean a lot to me. I am making every effort to dispense information to the next generation and beyond. My grandchildren will be asking questions and the answers must be found somewhere. Each one can and should be a part of this project since you are curious to know how you came to the islands.

I have sourced some information about the history of the Gregg https://gregg784.com/the-gregg-surname/ and Bynoes https://gregg784.com/bynoe-family-history/ surnames and you can read it on the website. Just click on the link and it will take you to the page. You can search the website for some interesting articles and the history page.

Talk to you later and have a good day.

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