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The whole world is so bias and yet we only see racism. Father’s day is a few days away and you are not hearing anything said not even advertisement for the women and children to get their father a bowtie or a pair of socks.

Seems like there is a real bias towards men, but without there would be no real husband, fathers or children even if they came artificially. I have the most outstanding daughter and the Lord gave her at the right time of life. She is amazing, caring, devoted and to her, every day is her father’s day.

I get my love every day and that is my father’s day blessings. The smiles from my grandchildren are like new energy every day. I am just not present with them but from a distance, we do share a great bond. The love is ecstatic and their faces are lit up to hear “grandpa” or “Papa” is on the phone. just to see them look at me and smile tells the world how much love they have for me.

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