Sir Godfrey Gregg

We need other people! Our greatest joys—and our greatest hurts—come in our

relationships. How can we improve our friendships and bonds of every kind?

From the moment of birth, we seek out others and crave security—the feelings of being connected, appreciated and loved. We can gain those things from parents, grandparents, siblings and other relatives. We also seek friendships and affirmation from friends, neighbours and coworkers.

As we mature, we naturally seek more intimate relationships, learning and hopefully one day growing into a loving marriage. With this start, we begin to build our own families and strengthen bonds with our children and, later, grandchildren.

Relationships are also important to the Creator God. He designed and created marriage and family, the building blocks of society. The Bible is filled with instructions about how human relations of every kind can be better.

God wants human beings to be happy, and He knows that much of our happiness depends on how we get along with other people and how well we manage problems with others.

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