The secret’s out! Discovering the minuscule Caribbean island so breathtaking, regular visitors really don’t want you to know about it

  • Tiny Palm Island in the Grenadines contains just one hotel – the luxury Palm Island Resort & Spa
  • MailOnline Travel’s Katy Winter checked in – and instantly fell in love with it. She describes it as a ‘gem’
  • The 135-acre-island can only be reached by speed boat from Union Island – so it’s certainly exclusive

Paradise: Palm Island (pictured) is a tiny private island just off Union Island in the Grenadines


Haven: It didn't take Katy long to realise why the regular visitors were so upset about the idea of more people knowing about Palm Island


The resort not only has seclusion, breathtaking azure waters, white sands and palm trees, but also authentic Caribbean charm


The resort offers myriad swimming options - there are five beaches and a stunning outdoor pool (pictured)


Half of the resort’s rooms and suites are located on the beach, with the rest merely steps away, allowing everyone to enjoy beautiful views of the palm groves or the ocean



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