The Rise and Rise of Staying Woke…

This Dude and Dr Martin Luther King were part of the first,
Black Lives Matter Movement. When Civil Rights was the agenda. Not violence. But, true empowerment.
Which has alwayz frightened the Conservative Establishment.

Funny how….
Even some 50-yearz on, Malcolm X’s great Plymouth speech still resonates so very deeply.
And as it turns out…He was 100% absolutely right.

The trouble is….
So many people have misinterpreted his wordz and his speeches. And they have forcibly exploited and manipulated the real truth.

Malcolm X and Dr Martin Luther King were assassinated, not because they were a violent threat. But, because they were King’s and Giants in a land and country that still refuses to acknowledge or respect, not just Black People…But plenty of other races.
It is also wise to remember the total injustices done on the Native American Indians. Over 100million Native American Indians were slaughtered, massacred to pave way for America.

This was such a brilliant speech. It really was.
Malcolm X offered up some viable solutions.
And Inspite of all of the pure Bull that has been written about him. He really was a man of peace.
That was never going to roll over on the ground and happily play ball.

Y’all need to watch, listen and learn.

Malcolm X’s “Plymouth Rock” Speech. Here he speaks about the need for Nationalism, which is still true to this day.

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