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Cheri Sergeant a member of the community of Redemption Sharpe is the proud owner of Allied Health Care Services which started in October 2016. Cheri is a registered nurse. Allied Health Care Services is a health business that caters for the elderly and the disabled, it’s services range from a certified domestic worker to a certified caretaker. With its training program for the care of the elderly and the disabled Allied serves to give nothing but excellence and professional care and services.


Cheri is an enthusiastic, hardworking, caring nurse who serves her community the best she could and decided to give back to the community by building this business to cater for our elderly loved ones who go down in age and has no one to properly care for them. Where nursing homes cater for elders who are sent to the homes allied goes forward to give the elder the comfort of staying in their homes
Contact information for Allied Health Services are as follows: 1 (784) 531-0615.. email: Cheri.seargeant@dne.svgcc.vc
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