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Toronto has 32 Homicides thus far and SVG same total with many unsolved and God knows if and when the Police will complete the investigations.

I read in the press where an Assistant Superintendent of Police is asking the public’s help in solving reported cases. It is not the Police Force is ineffective nor incompetent. There are many factors affecting the services rendered to the public.

  1. The poor quality of infrastructure and buildings that house the officers

  2. Too much political interference in the Police Force

  3. The rejection of qualified personnel for promotion

  4. Unnecessary transfer of personnel to remote areas as forms of punishment

  5. Lack of insurance for officers while on duty

  6. Inadequate training to fight modern day crimes.

Someone needs to address the current situation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to reassure the citizens that they are working to bring the rise in crimes under control. The people need to know before the Christmas season begins. Are the citizens held hostage in their homes or are they on curfew after 5:00 PM?

Do the people have to take matters in their hands, I will not suggest, but the ballot is a mighty tool to make or break. The neck and yoke can be easily broken in the Churches get together and intervene like in the days of Israel when the walls of Jericho came tumbling down.

I think it is hard since the country is politically divided and the churches are on the same path of division, money, and fame as opposed to ministering the word of God in its fullness.

Is this the society that you want your children, grandchildren to grow up to become decent men and women? What example are we showing to the young people? Shall we continue to divide because of politics?

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is nor yellow or red. We men and women after the image of Almighty God and are all citizens. There is neither black nor white, bond or free, but children of God even though we may have a difference of belief.

No Political Party will solve the current situation, but they can put plans and policies in place and everyone will have to do their part. Solving a crime is not done on social media or in the newspaper. I believe if the Police are equipped with the necessary tools they can get the job done. Overloading the Prison system is not the answer but justice must be seen to fit the crime committed.




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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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