I AM A LIBRA (Part three)


Top 10 Libra Personality Traits in Male and Female

Libras are known to be gentle people with love, peace, and harmony, they are usually very attractive and love pleasing everyone. Because of their love for pleasing everyone they often do this at their expense since they find it hard to say no. They also end up stretching themselves and hurting themselves in the process because they want to please. With all their many positive personality traits there are also a few negative ones. In this article, we’ll be looking at those Libra personality traits you’re probably never read about.

Positive Libra Personality Traits


Libras are romantic through and through and most things in their lives revolve around love. One of the reasons why Libras are very romantic is because they are usually ruled by Venus. Libras love everything romantic from music, movies, books and so on. They will wear romantic colors and take Valentine’s Day and sunsets very seriously.


Libras know how to accomplish things. They will get things done where it seems impossible and will do a good job. They manage to do this without manipulating others or playing on anyone’s emotions. They are simply too nice to do that. However, they will think deeply of solutions to great problems. Trust a Libra to come up with a solution when you are in a deep fix.


Libras are charming in a good way. People will enjoy a conversation with them and generally love their company. They will smile attractively and warm the heart of anyone who interacts with them. Whenever you need some really good company trust a Libra person to provide it. You will feel better especially if you were in low spirits. Just the Libran captivating smile will be enough to get you in high spirits again.


Libra-born individuals are known for their great diplomatic skills. They will listen to the most annoying views and individuals without losing their cool. They will address critical issues with a lot of tact and will respond to aggressive talk with decorum. They are polite to the core even when everyone else is on the verge of screaming. Take a Libran with you to negotiate with difficult relatives or customers and you will be grateful.


A Libra-born will never go to extremes; they will always take everything in moderation. They will eat, drink, have a great time and do everything in moderation. Moderation is the rule they live by and it doesn’t matter if everyone is going to the extremes, they will remain cool and take on only what they can manage. Don’t take a Libra-born to one of those wild parties where everyone is letting themselves go, they will clearly be uncomfortable.

Negative Libra Personality Traits

There are also some negative Libra personality traits worth noting in a Libra-born individual.

They are Superficial

Libras are people who value external beauty a lot. They tend to disregard any potential flaws that might be inside the beautiful exterior. They will make their decisions after being influenced by the beautiful external look. If the outside looks good the inside doesn’t matter, this often works to their disadvantage in many situations.


A Libra is known to change their mind by being easily influenced by the opinions of others. You cant rely on them to keep their word because they love listening to others and basing their decisions on the opinions presented to them. This can be quite annoying especially to someone who is depending on their decision.


They are usually empathetic often times, but they can also become detached and pretentious in order to avoid hurting someone. You may never know if they are truly feeling sorry towards a certain situation until you spend more time with them.

Very Laid back

As much as they are very energetic, they can also be laid-back too. This is not because they are lazy, but because they want to avoid serious emotional challenges or tension that might affect them.


They usually find it hard to make choices which often land them in trouble. Making a choice is one of the hardest tasks that makes them quite uncomfortable. They might even avoid a situation where they have to make a choice if they can.


Since they love being around beautiful things, they tend to be extravagant and self-indulgent in order to please themselves. They will spend a lot in order to go to a beautiful place, buy beautiful clothes or household items.

There are more Libra personality traits you can find in both men and women but the above listed are some of the common ones.

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