America and the world celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Every year it seems like it is a new beginning. It looks like nothing has been accomplished because we are still talking about the dream when we should be living the dream.

However, it seems like all the hopes of fulfilling the dream under the 45th have been hijacked and only God knows for how long. This is a great time for those who have a hope of a better life to bond together and work for equality and to seek human rights for all.

Our opposition to an oppressive regime must be noted that it will not continue but in all fairness and democratic process seek to enact changes. Our people must fight together and march towards the freedom of all. At the same time make sure that the current is not replaced by further oppressive behaviours.

Those in America do your part to assist the less fortunate and I urge you to start in your own community and make an impression. Have a nice day

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Author: gregg784

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