The new HEALTHCARE COMPLEX in Georgetown will be opened today with a great fanfare. It was a long-awaited for the Windward and it will serve from Biabou all the way to Fancy. My only take on it will be for the workers and residents in the area to keep it clean and that the Government will keep up with the necessary repairs.

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This complex has surpassed the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in the heart of Kingstown/City. A lot of pressure will be erased and the Minister of Health will find money to do a proper facelift and upgrade. After all, Cato was the heart of the labour party and he deserves better in his memory.

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Mesopotamia has an improved hospital and soon I hope that all basic services will be available to the residents that comprise the 18 villages in the valley. Maintenance is the operative word for these facilities. So Chateabelair and Barrouallie are having their upgrades and hopefully, lives will be saved and not impeded with distance to Kingstown.

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