A photo showing apparent elderly abuse is now going viral on Social Media. According to information received, the picture shows a nurse at a Geriatric Home in St. James standing on an elderly man.

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This is a picture from 2015, but it is fresh in my mind anytime I see it. I have a message for my family and all that will read this post. Never trust the care of your loved ones to the hands of strangers. You never know or will ever know some of the things they endure. I work in the Healthcare industry and it is not an easy task and the abuse you receive at times, but you took the job to endure to the end you would provide the best care to your patients.

Please, I ask never to let me into a place where this action or any other form of abuse be given to me. My family took care of our parents and other family members and loved ones till they departed this life. The task was not easy at times, but we endured.

Remember what you give out today you or your children will reap in the future.

Have a nice day all.

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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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