Good morning family and friends. Thanking God for another day. He has kept us throughout the night and brought us forth to see this glorious morning. Here in America, the clocks sprung forward and technically you would lose one hour of sleep.

This is what man did to control the minds of people, but I operate with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines time zone.

I woke up feeling much stronger and my recovery is better with the progression of time. Thanking God that there is no complication and the swelling has subsided. Still no pain and to God, I give the honour and the glory.

Each of you that texted, called, message or in any other way contacted me I appreciate it very much and I thank you. Living alone and taking care of myself is a challenge under these circumstances. However, God in His infinite love and mercy has been the source of my strength and care.

My sister will be with me for one week and that will help to take me to the finish line.

Have a great Sunday.

Sir Godfrey Gregg 

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