It is another work week and I am so happy to be alive and well. First to thank God for sparing my life to see this day and one week after my surgery.

My sister came in Sunday and will be staying with me for a week. This is an exciting start and we are going to keep it that way with my limitations.

Last night I had some extra swellings and that subsided after applying ice for a few hours. I am feeling much better this morning. The dressing dropped off and I saw the cut for the first time. Thanks to my surgeon who did an excellent job. I will know what is the future when I do my follow up visit on Tuesday 3/13/2018

It is very sunny to start the day but later the conditions will deteriorate with the impending weather and expected snow storm 3 to 6 inches.

We will visit our brother later and get back before the weather starts to go “downhill”.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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